Enactus Training Weekend Grantham 2012

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I am back from the Enactus Training Weekend and I can genuinely say that I have learnt a lot which will be applied to my projects. I’ll give you a break down of the sessions I went to and how  they have helped me, however before I start I will give you some information on what Enactus is. Please check out the website on http://www.enactus.org  if you want more information.

Brief introduction into Enactus

Enactus, formally known at SIFE stands of Entrepreneurial Acting and Us.

  • Entrepreneurial! University students that have found a need and come up with a creative and innovative solution to solve that need through empowerment.
  • Acting! These students are active and actually do something about the problem they have found. They are committed and take action in order to solve the problem.
  • Us! It is a community of university students in 39 countries all over the world.

Friday Development Centre.

  • Improving employability through social media – Learnt that you should think of yourself as a brand, utilise social media and keep accounts up to date.
  • Group exercise – Learnt that I am a natural leader who is supportive and positive with a ‘can do’ approach.
  • Business case studies – Learnt how to plan a prepared and unprepared presentation and make sure 25% is saved at the end to actually write up the presentation and check the flow.
  • Curriculum Vitae Clinic – Learnt that my CV is really good and needs minor improvements so employees know the field of work that I actually want to go into.
  • Presentation/Interview – Learnt that I need to talk slower o that the interviewee can keep up with what I am saying and when I am answering questions I need to be more precise and have specific examples.

Basic Introduction to the weekend, Enactus and the name change   Saturday Newbies talk

  • Went through Enactus judging criterion and what each section stands for
  • Talked about the benefits of Enactus

PGL activities– Made of up of people from other universities

  • Human see-saw – Balanced 12 people for 1 minute (we broke the record of 29 seconds)
  • Rock climbing – Got to the top as a team
  • Other games which I cannot remember but we did a lot of team work and getting to know one another

How to session: Consultancy Projects

  • Fit into the criterion perfectly (solving problems, adding value, improve quality of life, empowerment)
  • There are a range of different sources that can be used to find businesses and people in need (charities, local council, local paper, citizens advice bureau etc)
  • Get both parties to sign a contract of terms of agreement therefore each other know what to expect from one other, the communication levels and time scales
  • Build a relationship with the client and get to know them and the business

How to session: Schools and Youth– I just want to make a note of Hannah and Mark , who gave the talk, they where amazing, confident and very enthusiastic. They got me wanting to get involved and take part in any activities they had planned.

  • Be yourself, be authentic and be you
  • Explain to them the why’s the how’s and the what’s of the project
  • Always have contingency planning in place therefore you can adapt to situations e.g. ice-breakers, harder/easier work
  • Get them involved and have a lot of interaction
  • Be honest and relatable through humanisastion and putting things in context
  • Allow the youth to build a contract of rules that everyone should abide by (massive flip-chart and refer to it if needs be)

Marketing and Public Relations– This is the key one of me as I am the Marketing Manager of the two projects that are running at Enactus Lincoln, also I want to go into Advertising and Marketing in the long run.

  • Have 3-4 messages to sell each project – make sure they are innovative, clear and rememorable
  • Set up sponsorship packages for projects – have an event and invite all businesses, mentors, advisers and professors to raise money (and anyone else you can think of)
  • Write up press releases using facts, figures, quotes, names and images and send them to journalists
  • Use current situations to promote projects of Enactus Lincoln as a whole e.g. Christmas, faires, economic climate, worldwide issues
  • Set up a 12-month plan (update it as new events are being planned) and an in-depth week/two-week plan


PGL Team Building – Abseiling  as a team

Enactus Challenge and Team Planning session – Planned for the future of Enactus Lincoln

Work Cup Experience – Saw last years winners presentation and they talked about the experience

Overall I would say that the Enactus Training Weekend has helped me a lot with moving forward in the society and developing myself as a brand. A great thing that came out of it was the amount of networking that I was able to do.

There was over 100 students with their own skills, experiences and opinions, and also over 20 Alumni advisers who have been through the process and are willing to mentor teams. It’s an experience I won’t forget and a cause I’m proud to be part of.

Please remember to check the website on http://www.enactus.org  if you want more information, also there is a facebook and twitter page, if you type in’ Enactus’ in the search engine it will come up.

Feel free to leave me any comments or questions below, or even your experience of how the Training Weekend went.

Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu

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