Skype Call with Josh 001

I’ve officially had my first ever Skype call *round of applause*.

I have just had a Skype call with Josh Chandler from Enactus Leeds Met Marketing team for One Hour, Ten Minutes and Eleven Seconds (which is a very long time considering). Luckily we both like to chat a lot, there was a lot to discuss.

The basis of the conversation was that we are two members of the Marketing team in our Enactus groups that are sharing tips on how marketing is going, any ideas we have, what has worked and what has not worked.

Some of the things we discussed where:

  • Marketing objectives and strategies?
  • Ways of recruiting new members?
  • How do you work out the best channel for recruitment?
  • How to measure the impact of advertisements?
  • How to make people aware of the Enactus message?
  • How to try and get the council involved?
  • Can we get other societies and/or clubs involved?
  • Measuring the usage of a website?

Through this conversation and everything that I have learnt at Grantham Training Weekend, it has given me a lot to think about.

One thing I would definitely say is that Enactus is very hard work and takes a lot of commitment, I feel like I’m studying two degrees side by side, which isn’t very hard but the end result of empowering other will be worth it.

Please check out the Enactus website to see what it is all about, then you can understand why we put so much into what we do, and why we love doing what we do.

Also Check out Josh’s view on our Skype call, and follow him on twitter, his going to be a huge leader one day (you read it here first on MY blog).

Leave me comment underneath and share, share, share.

Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu

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  1. November 21, 2012 / 10:45 pm

    Hey Lexy,

    Thanks for a great Skype call. I can’t wait to reconnect next Monday and see how things are going with Enactus Lincoln!! 🙂

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