New Year. New WordPress. Better Me.

Good evening everyone,

I’ve got three points I’m going to talk about in this blog post

1) New Year. Firstly I would like to say Happy New Year. I know it has been an entire month since we entered into 2013, however I have been extremely busy (I know I say that a lot, but I really am). Therefore I wish you the very best and I hope everything goes well for you all this yearfr

2) New WordPress. Secondly I would like to introduce you to my new and updated WordPress account. I have decided to customise my around me more, therefore it reflects me and what I am like and what I am about. I’ve also included another more information on me which can be found on the ‘Professional Biography‘ tab and the ‘Online Curriculum Vitae‘ tab. In addition there is a ‘Connect with Me‘ page, all of this allows you to find about more about the person behind the blog and find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

3) Better Me. Lastly I am not one of those people who say ‘New Year, New Me’ as I will always me the same person, however I cam better myself and there area few things that I will better myself on. To starters I promise that I will try and pot more blogs for you guys and keep you updated on what I am doing. I have come to conclusion that stating I will blog on this day, isn’t a good for me as I do not keep my it and I do not like it. However I will start using QuickPress more frequently which will allow me to post blogs on a regular basis.

Until next time,

Alexandrrya-Carmen Mbu

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