How much can go wrong in one day?

Well, I can answer that question for you…


I have been on holiday for a week therefore I took a break off university work, MAPR society work, Enactus Lincoln society work and just relaxed. For the first time in a long period I was stress-free, had no worries and didn’t think about meeting deadlines or what I had to do. Therefore coming home after seven days actually left me with a lot (which I knew it would deep down).


My day actually started well, I had a Skype call at 11am with the lovely Emily Lakin, who is the Communications Manager at MAPR. We talked about the various ways of advertising and promoting the society and we realised that we have a lot ahead of us next year. Due to our conversation we recently launched our Facebook Page today, so please like it for the latest news and updates, along with having a look at the website. From here I thought that my day was going to go well as I was crossing things off my list, this is as Emily and I where long over due on a Skype call.


The next thing on my list was to sort out the MAPR business cards that had been ordered, when they where first ordered the yellow came out green and the colours where not how we intended. Due to this I had to send some samples over and when I got back from my holiday I called the company, hoping that they will be able to reprint them for us. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The company said that I had made an error and used CMYK colour format instead of RGB, which is what the leaflets that we ordered where, and they were correct. This then meant having to pay £19 to cover the cost of this. Luckily, I was ordering my own business cards (yes, I’m 19 and I have business cards, is that not normal?) therefore I only had to pay delivery cost once with was nearly £5.


As a MAPR identity we wanted to have some printed garments, however when it came to sending off the logo to the company (different to above), the news received wasn’t one that we where expecting. The lady told me that due to our logo being four different colours the price for printing would be higher than usually and that we couldn’t get it printed only embroidered, therefore that was bye-bye to the logo on the back. In addition to this the colours overlapped and she stated that the only the top colour would show, therefore slightly changing the logo that we use. However,  I realised that its probably a better thing as it means the hoodies will only have one embroidered logo on the front, which in return makes them a clean and simple design.


As you can see I’m not one to dwell on the past and I like to see the good in everything. Something that life has taught me is that life isn’t always fair and it has its ups and downs, its just the way that one handles these problems and how they get through them. This is what brings happiness, success and a balanced lifestyle. Even though the day had a lot of downs I feel that I have accomplished a lot and ticked off a few major things of my to-do-list, so I think I deserve a pat on the back and a goods night sleep.


Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

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