AdWatch: Where did Tesco F&F Clothing come from?

Did anyone know of Tesco F&F Clothing before September 2013?

Did anyone know who Ben Pearce was before September 2013?

Did anyone know of Tesco F&F Clothing after September 2013?

Did anyone know who Ben Pearce was after September 2013?

If your answer to the first two questions was NO, and the second two was YES then I’m sure you may have seen Tesco’s F F&F Clothing Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection Television Advert.

Final screen shoot of Tesco F&F Clothing Television Advertisement for their Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection


If you have not then I’d advertise you to watch it before you read on, by clicking here.


So, by now you’ve probably seen the advert for the first time or refreshed your memory… how did you find it? Did you find it interesting or boring? Would you class it as a good advert or a bad advert? Did you have to watch it more than once or were you satisfied with it the first time? Was it too long or do you wish it was longer?

When we watch advertisements there are so many different things that come into our heads, you may have liked it but you never really ask yourself why, what made you pay attention and what made it stand out to you?


My verdict

This is an advertisement that I like very much and for a number of different reasons. I believe this advertisement makes you stop doing whatever you are doing and look up at the television. Why?  To me it’s because there is no conventional voice-over explaining the product or service. There is noone one the screen talking to someone else and discussing a situation that they need resolved. There isn’t a person explaining the benefits and features of the product. The only sound that we hear is the music, it’s a song called ‘What I Might Do’ by Ben Pearce. Who?  Ben Pearce is a British DJ and Music Producer from Manchester, he co-founded his own record label. Before the F&F Clothing Advert not many people knew who he was as he is an underground DJ with amazing mixing skills. The Song?  The song isn’t in the background but it’s loud and clear and makes you want to bounce to it while learning the words and paying attention to what it on screen.


In addition I believe that the advertisement isn’t a commercial clothing ad. Why?  Television advertisements nowadays are trying to be different from one another but a few techniques still remain the same. What?  Most television adverts tend to have a model or two wearing a number of different clothing just posing or walking towards the camera of to the side of camera. With a some of these they tend to have the prices appear of at least one item in that current shot. This adverts tend to be sell, sell sell whereas Tesco F&F Clothing actually grabs your attention. How?  With this advert there are two people: one male and one female, they aren’t advertising the clothes is the usual conventional way but they are dancing, which is different. In this advert both dancers tend to have three to five different outfits however because the audience are interested in the dancing, the song and what it actually being advertised they don’t tend to pay attention.

My overall verdict is that the advertisement is innovative and different. It stands out from the rest and makes people aware of the brand. I don’t think that the advert was intended for people to buy all their clothes from Tesco F&F Clothing however I think it was to make people aware of F&F Clothing. The adverts seems that it wants to information and raise awareness of the brand, therefore people might have a look at the F&F Clothing range while they are at Tesco. The advert was created by WARL and in my opinion it is by far one of the best advertisements I have seen this year. I personally cannot fault this advert so it gets the top score of 10/10.


Your verdict?

You’ve heard my verdict but I’m interested in your verdict. Do you agree with what I said or do you disagree with what I’ve said. Would you change the advert? Is it interested? Is there another clothing advertisement that you find more appealing. This is your chance you give your view and I’m interested in learning what other opinions are.


Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

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