AdWatch: Coca-Cola wants you to ‘Live like Grandpa did’

Second shot of writing in Tesco's Living a Healthy Lifestyle campaign.

Second shot of writing in Tesco’s Living a Healthy Lifestyle campaign.

Another advert without a voice-over but a famous-well known song that portrays two separate lifestyles.

Head to to watch the advertisement that I’m discussing today.

So, hopefully you’ve now seen the advertisement and have an idea on the basis of my blog today… Did you recognise the song? Do you think we need to be live like Grandpa? Would you have guessed that it was a Coca-Cola advert? Did the advertisement affect you in anyway?


My verdict

This is an advertisement that I find rather interesting in the sense of it’s execution and what the message. I was completely shocked that it was a Coca-Cola advertisement and expected it to be something different. Why?  When I first watched the advert I missed the beginning red screen, possibly because I was doing work with the television on and only looked up when the music started playing because I liked the song. I didn’t notice the Coca-Cola logo in the corner and didn’t think it was an advertisement for Coca-Cola. What company?  I thought the advertisement was for John Lewis as I specifically remember an advertisement last year where there was a split screen and I thought the advertisement for revamped for the this year (look at image below for a screen shot).

A scene from a John Lewis advertisement in 2012

A scene from a John Lewis advertisement in 2012

When you view the Coca-Cola advertisement on Youtube in the ‘About’ section is the following quote:

The new Coca-Cola advert ‘Grandpa’ shows that the lifestyle enjoyed by our grandparents — moving more, eating well, taking it easy — can be beneficial. We’re committed to using our advertising to raise awareness of the importance of energy balance and helping people to make informed choices. We believe it is just one of the ways we can help make more people aware of the need for a balanced diet and active, healthy lifestyle.

Do you agree?  Coca-Cola mentions that in this day and age the younger generation tend to do everything on the go e.g. eating at work, having takeaways, rushing out of the house and not stopping for fresh air. Why?  We live in a world where people are constantly working and I think they generally need to take a step back and relax which is what the Coca-Cola advertisement is portraying. But?  As you may or may not be aware Coca-Cola has a lot of calories and sugar in their drinks, 210 kcals and 53grams of sugar (500ml bottle) to be exact. Therefore if Grandpa has  been having Coco-Cola since he was younger then he mau not necessarily be living a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t think is advertisement fits in with out Coca-Cola ads. Why?  The advertisement includes a story of two lives which are completely opposite whereas Coca-Cola advertisement are usually humorous and include a young generation having fun. Why?  This ad gets the audience thinking about their lives and how their Grandparents lived at that age. It reminds them that they have time and should take a break and enjoy the little benefits in life. Sound?  In addition to this Coca-Cola adverts tend to have voice-overs throughout or a piece of music that isn’t iconographic, however that is not that case this time. The advert includes the famous ‘It’s not Unusual’ by Tom Jones, which is Carlton’s favorite song in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Glee the US television program have also done their own version of the song.

Overall it’s an advertisement that is different and makes you think of the company in a different light, it has more backbone to it that the usual humour; it tells a story that is probably true for most people. I don’t necessary think that this is the new look for Coca-Cola, I just think they tried something new and succeeded. However I don’t think it leaves a lasting memory, it just makes you think for that moment in time. Therefore I give this a score of 7/10 as I believe the message isn’t strong enough to stand on it’s own.


Your verdict?

You’ve heard my verdict but I’m interested in your verdict too. Do you agree with what I said or do you disagree with what I’ve said. Would you change the advert? Is it interested? This is your chance you give your view and I’m interested in learning what other opinions are.


Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

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  1. November 14, 2013 / 10:03 pm

    I have taken time to watch the ad (twice) and connect it to the statement ‘Live like grandpa did: move more, eat well, take it easy.

    Firstly your questions. Did you recognise the song? Yes I did. Do you think we need to live like Grandpa? Yes I do. Would you have guessed that it was a Coca-Cola advert? No I would not. Did the advertisement affect you in anyway? hmmmmmm…….

    Had I not read your blog, I would not have given it a second thought. Could that be because I am not an advertising or marketing executive or student and I am now a coca cola drinker (because of my husband). Actually I noticed that it ended with coke zero which is my beverage of choice because of the no calorie content and the taste. If I am not a coke drinker, would the advert persuade me to drink coke? I think no!

    I agree they tried to portray a healthier lifestyle. I did notice that grandpa spent time with his wife in the kitchen in the morning, he wasn’t in a rush like the young man. He had a healthy lunch whilst the young man had a loaded lunch. He cycled to work, whilst the young used a car. He ate outside and had some fresh air whilst the young man had lunch at his desk (at work). He had a healthy home cooked meal after work, whilst the young man had a microwave dinner. Is this all because of the changing times and life style changes and choices? Grandpa did not have coke zero or diet coke in his day so maybe that is why the young man indulged in regular coke, however it ended with a healthier option: coke zero.

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