AdWatch: It’s only been 4 Year since T-Mobile’s ‘Dance’ Campaign

Do you remember what T-Mobile did is 2009?

Do you remember T-Mobile’s ‘Dance’ advert?

Do you remember T-Mobile’s ‘Welcome Home’ advert?

If the answer was YES to all those questions then you remember T-Mobile’s ‘Life for Sharing’ campaign and the impact that it had for T-Mobile and for the Media. To refresh your memory then click on the picture below.

Screenshot of the first screen of T-Mobile's 'Dance' advertisment

Screenshot of the first screen of T-Mobile’s ‘Dance’ advertisement

Hopefully you’ve been able to refresh your memory on that advertisement, especially as it was over 4 years ago. How did you find it? Was it interesting? Did you think it made an impact? Did you have a little dance or sing song while it was on? Did you just want it to be over?


My verdict

This advertisement is one that I cannot forgot, mainly due to it’s originality and the fact that is was something different, unexpected and a real experience for those there. Why?  The advert consists of 350 dancers dancing to 8 different tracks ranging from 1962-2007 in Trafalgar Square at rush hour. The advertisement catches the audience attention to the point where busy work men and women stop to record the dance on their phones and cameras, and some even join in and dance themselves. Why?  This advertisement was used as the first T-Mobile’s ‘Life for Sharing’ campaign which had 10 hidden cameras to capture the audiences reactions to what was going and then some of these images where used on billboards and other media channels that T-Mobile used as part of there integrated marketing campaign.

So why do I particularly like this advertisement. The advertisement?  I like this advertisement as it is something different compared to a conventional mobile phone advertisement. It doesn’t highlight the good deals that you can get or why T-Mobile is better than other telephone services. In addition I am a T-Mobile customer, well now EE. The music?  In addition to this the music that is used is rather iconographic and includes famous songs. Songs that make you want to dance, want to get involved and want to pay attention to the advertisement. Exposure?  The advertisement was premiered during Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4 at 9:10pm. The three minute spot was solely for the T-Mobile advertisement and was watched by a number of different viewers. Since the advertisement went on YouTube it has had 38,655,045 as of 20/11/13 and is constantly increasing every day. It’s an advertisement people still remember and still look back at.

Screenshot of the T-Mobile's 'Dance' advertisement when all 350 dancers are dancing

Screenshot of the T-Mobile’s ‘Dance’ advertisement when all 350 dancers are dancing

Overall I think this advertisement is amazing, it happened over four years a go and people still remember it and view it on Youtube, The advert was made by Saatchi & Saatchi and won them a numerous number of awards for Integrated, Film, Direction, Media, Music, Cyber and Direct. The awards where given at 2009 Eurobest creative advertising festival and Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival with Saatchi & Saatchi did better than any over UK agency due to the ‘Life’s for Sharing’ campaign. The advert leaves an everlasting impression of T-Mobile as it was an original media campaign that also included another advert titled ‘Welcome Home‘. This entire campaign couldn’t have gotten better for T-Mobile as the company gained £1.2 million worth of free press and media coverage, footfall increased by 5% and sales where up 52% from 2008. It’s an advertisement that will go down in history and for that it doesn’t deserve anything lower than 10/10.


Your verdict?

You’ve heard my verdict but now it’s your turn. Tell me what you think of this advertisement but also the ‘Life’s for Sharing’ campaign as a while. Is there another phone advertisement you think is more appealing, if so put it down and I may be doing AdWatch on it next week.


Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.