AdWatch: John Lewis says you should give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget

It’s the time that we’ve all been waiting for….. CHRISTMAS!!!

Do you think John Lewis has hit off the Christmas advertisements with a BANG?

Watch ‘The Bear and The Hare‘ and have a look at this year’s John Lewis Christmas advertisement.


John Lewis Screenshot from Christmas 2013 Advertisment


Hopefully you’ve clicked on the link and have seen the John Lewis advertisement once again… What did you think? Did it put you in the Christmas mood? Are you ready to give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget? And most importantly, did you understand it?

As consumers we take in so many advertisements that we start disconnecting ourselves and don’t take them in. However that’s not the way John Lewis sees by forking out £7 million on this advertisement.


My verdict

Before I tell you my verdict I would like you let you know that AdWatch has a new layout. I have decided to have different headings and discuss the advertisement accordingly. This allows me to have five short paragraphs (hopefully) on the advertisement and continuity will flow through AdWatch.



This is an advertisement that is trying to be different in a creative and innovative way. John Lewis are known for their Christmas advertisements over the past couple of years and are having to raise the bar every single time. This advertisement in particular is about giving someone a Christmas they’ll never forget. It’s about a Hare giving its best friend, a Bear, the gift of Christmas. To me the message is to have a wonderful Christmas and remembering what it was like to experience Christmas for the first time. It’s meant to bring back make memories of your children; waking up excited for the day ahead and being around a Christmas tree surrounded by loved ones.


Target Audience

This is tricky, since it is Christmas time I would say everyone not no advert genuinely targets the entire population in the world. It’s an advert to start getting people excited about Christmas, buying presents, wrapping presents and creating wish-lists, if they haven’t already. However I would say that the advertisement is aimed at adults. Why? Adults have been around for a few centuries now and Christmas may just seem like the norm: buying presents, receiving presents and time off work. I think the advertisement is trying to get out of that habit and reminding people of Christmas when they were a child and how exciting it was and making it enjoyable for everyone around them.


Creative Treatment

This advert combines 2D hand-drawn animation along with stop frame animation and 3D model made sets  to produce something creative, innovative and different. It is out of the box and is definitely something that it different and stands out. The amount of detail, time and effort put into it is phenomenal and some of it is explained in the Behind the Scenes Video. The advertisement uses the famous vocals of Lily Allen, who is coming back into the music industry after being on “maturity leave”. In addition to this the two characters are carried out throughout the entire campaign: on the website, in-store, twitter pages, cuddly toys and on the phone apps.



This is a tricky one for me… I like the idea behind what John Lewis has done. They’re making Christmas special for everyone. However I don’t like the execution. It’s creative and something that no one has every done yet however it isn’t easy to bond with the characters. The animals are cute and cuddly but to me it could represent Christmas in a better way. I can’t quite think what, but I know that something is missing. Can you put your finger on it?


Overall I think the advertisement is interesting, there is only one John Lewis product (of the clock) throughout the entire 2.10 minutes. John Lewis and the agency Adam&EveDDB are selling the idea of Christmas and not focusing on John Lewis products. The advert raises awareness of the different platforms that the company is available from and plays more on the viewers emotions and feelings. It reminds consumers that the company is still there and that they should shop there for Christmas. However I think there should be a bit more to it. It’s an advertisement that I personally do not find very appealing to me but I like the creative treatment and for that I give is a 6/10.


Your verdict?

You’ve heard my verdict and now it’s your time. Do you think it deserves a higher score or even a lower one? Is there another Christmas advertisement that you find more appealing? Has the advert made you want to shop at John Lewis? Leave your comments below and I look forward to reading them.


Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

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