Kicking off the New Year

Happy New YearHAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


So… it’s that time again, 2013 is over and 2014 has started. I hope you all celebrated coming into this year in style… whether you got wasted and don’t actually remember the night, spent it with family or just had a night in with your other half. What ever you did I hope it signifies you and that you enjoyed it.

2013 wasn’t an easy year for me! It had its downs filled with stress, heartache, sadness, lost friendships and a lot of work. However the ups definitely outdid the negatives with new friendships, happiness, joy, laughter, becoming the MAPR President, becoming Enactus UK Rookie Champions and a lot of work.

My New Year was spent with my family… well my mum, step-dad and younger stepbrother. We went to the members club down the road and partied (including an alcoholic beverage or 2 or 3) the night away. To be honest it was probably my best New Year’s to date, my mum and I had went to church beforehand to praise God so I got the best of both worlds and couldn’t be happier. The night ended in a classic Lexy style way as a random guy and I decided to have a dance off. I don’t mean the kind where you’re in a small circle, I mean the kind where you use the entire dance floor doing freezes, breakdancing, cartwheels, the worm and jacking. It was fantastic… I won (ofcourse) which made it even better hahaa.

New Year’s day for me was spent creating a number of different lists including my New Year’s resolution,  my bucket list (which is extremely long), MAPR’s society list, Enactus Marketing and Media list and university list… I genuinely feel that my life evolves around these things. Creating lists has been tough as it means that I genuinely have to think ahead into what I want to do in my life, which allows me to think and be honest with myself. It takes a lot of brain power and I’m 100% that I’ve probably left something off each of those lists. Lists allow me to be more organised, to plan my life better and to not over think all of the time as it’s written down already. Hopefully this is a good start to 2014 and I hope you all have a great start to 2014 and I look forward to sharing my stories, experiences and opinions to you all.


Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

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