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Deadline Post

It’s that time of the year again… DEADLINES!

There are two times in the academic year that every student is worried about; stress levels get high, all-nighters become a regular and sleep is not on the agenda. For me one of these weeks is now!


This year, I thought I was prepared since having two years of university and four deadline weeks I should know what to expect right? Wrong! The assignments were harder and the deadlines closer which is something I did not expect. This is my FINAL year so it’s all or nothing. I have written an assignment and gone back to it time and time again as I wanted it to be perfect in my eyes. I am not settling for second best and I am aiming for a First. However I have also remembered that I am a human being so spending time with friends, having a night off or stuffing my face with sweets have all occurred. It’s all about balance. A work-life balance or a uni-life balance in this case, is extremely important. The past couple of years have left me run-down, tired and stressed after deadline week; I didn’t want to do anything and I had no energy but this year is different. I carefully set out blocks of time to focus on university work meaning that I powered though it, had energy and set myself tasks to be completed.


If there is one tip I would give to any university student (or someone working on many tasks) it is definitely to plan ahead. Too many times I have left individual (and group) assignments to the last six weeks when I knew about it for twelve weeks, meaning I wasted six weeks! I’m not staying spend hours and hours on it but an hour or two a week looking a books could really help you. The second tip is to plan everything. Some people laugh at me for having a diary and having every day sorted to the t but it allows me to plan my day effectively and use my time wisely. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, around 8 hours is sleeping meaning there’s 16 hours left. Use it effectively. Have fun. Live your life. Work hard.


Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carme Mbu.

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