I’m so excited…

…and I literally cannot hide it!!!
The first day of the Forever Global Rally was A.Mazing! I had a slow slight as I did feel lonely (check out my previous profile here), however, after talking to people around me and absorbing all the information I finally started to relax!
The day kicked off with over 500 business owners receiving their Chairman’s Bonus chequw. In addition, over 4 million dollars was given out in a short space of two hours. It’s only Thursday and we have two more days of cheques which are going to be getting bigger and bigger each time.

Secondly, there was a lot of information about the Flawless Make-Up range, which I have never looked into. However, I thought it was time for that to change! Why? When I was younger I never used make up as my mother didn’t let me (which I’m secretly happy about). I started using it when I was 15/16 until 19 but chose  to stop as my skin was fairly good. I started again when I was 20 as my skin broke out and didn’t clear up. After a year, I was referred to a dermatologist and was on medicine for 20 weeks. Once my skin started to clear up (six weeks ago) makeup became very minimal, simple but was used most days, especially on my eyes. As I am now using makeup it does make sense to use my own range and earn an additional income from it. I shall be hosting a few events based on this range in the near distant future so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. In addition, Forever launched a new liquid eyeliner, which happens to be one of my every day products so I am very excited to get my hands on it!
After this, A BRAND NEW RANGE was launched which works on a sense that Forever doesn’t actually operate in. It’s the sense of smell with a brand new essential oils collection I am someone who loves to smell good and I often have diffusers in my house so I am really really excited about it! This is a new market worth $25.3 billion globally and is predicted to have an annual growth of 5.8%. Forever is definitely a visionary company and products are of a high standard and this will be no different.


Last but not least I was able to meet (well take photos) with many people who have fantastic global businesses and are recongised all over the world. They all started their business in the UK and have managed to quit their jobs to work Forever full time. These people are a true inspiration to all and it was lovely to say hi and meet them. These images will definitely be on my dream board and today is a day I’ll remember.

I’m now off for a quick swim (even though I can’t swim) and then heading to bed as I have another fantastic day tomorrow and I cannot wait.
Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

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