It’s Mine

Day one of the Global Ralley and I was buzzing off everyone’s energy. Meeting people and taking lots of photos. However, after an hour I was beginning to feel lonely. Why? Well, everyone is celebrating their success with their friends and family while I’m here by myself. It was really beginng to get me down so I just decided to get some fresh air and gather my thoughts before going back in.


I sat close to the front and was by John Curtis, who has been in Forever for 20 years with his partner, Jayne Leach. They have built a fantastic business and have been the UK number one business builders for many years. I had previously asked John for a photo and he saw me sitting down alone and decided to start a conversation.
He opened by asking if I was by myself (which I was) then asked if I was finding it lonely (which I was again) but then told me not to and to feed off everyone’s energy. I mentioned that I had paid to come here so I’m a,one however, next year it will be free. John commented on my positive attitude and admired what I did as not many people will be willing to it. This instantly make me feel better as he has helped thousands of people and here he was recognising me.
The conversation moved swiftly towards me being a third year Advertising and Marketing student at Lincoln University who will finish in three weeks on Friday (which scares me every time). John congratulated me on my degree then went on to tell a story about a lady he works with in Milan. She has never had a job and after university she started her Forever business at 21, by 27 she was earning more than £10,000 a month and at the age of 32 she had two children and was earning more than double £10,000 a month. This was inspiring as I’ve thought I’m too young however showed there is NO age limit. Forever will work for you IF you work for it. He went on to say that I should use my first three years as my Forever degree. Why? It gives you a chance to learn the system and see how everything works. It’s simple but it’s not easy, you will have your ups and downs but it will all be worth it. John went on to say that if I build my business consistently I’ll be set for like once I’m 30 then I can choose to stop, slow down or like him, continue.
Lastly John called me pretty and said that I should use the colour of my skin to my advantage. He said it makes me interesting just like someone who talks differently, acts differently or dresses differently. People find them intriguing and want to find out what they are doing. Because of your skin colour, your attitude and your youthfulness, people will be interested in you.
The title of this blog is called It’s Mine and that’s because we finished on John saying that the attitude I should have is a can-do and it’s mine one. Where if I want something, I should set out to get it where nothing will come in my way.

This is a conversation that just happened but it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t go to the Global Ralley. It’s one I’ll never forget and I know I’ll look back and realise that this was an extreme,y important part of my business.
Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

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