Should You Really Give Up Something For Lent?

It’s completely and utterly up to you. It’s your choice.

I’ve realised that as a human race we love the idea and the concept of the word ‘new‘. Whether it’s the New Year, new you, new job, new challenges, new friendships, new relationships, new goals, new technology, new house, literally anything new! Therefore Ash Wednesday/lent is the perfect time to start a new challenge, especially for those who have already failed some of their New Year’s resolutions (we’ve all done it). People tend to stop doing things they love especially stop eating their favourite foods like crisps and chocolate. Others tend to stop going on their social media sites and I even know of one person who is not going to be drawing on her eyebrows.

As a Christian, lent is so much more to be than that. For me it is a way to get closer to God and build my relationship with him by prayer, worship and soaking in God’s presence. Lent, for me is remembering when Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness and was constantly tempted by the devil but He never gave in. John 3:16 NIV reads:

‘God so loved the loved the world gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life’.

For me, lent reminds myself that God loves me unconditional and Jesus died for my sins and to save me. And for me… there is nothing better.

Therefore, I have decided to give up something I love but also remember what Jesus did for me. I am giving up three things and they all link.

    1. Sweets!! I have been wanting to give up sweets for a long time, in fact when this year ends I only want to have them on two occasions of Christmas and my Birthday. So, this will obviously help towards that.

    2. Social Media!! I have noticed that I am a scroller, I spend my free (and non-free) time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I spend too much time looking at other people’s lives and that’s not okay, I need to focus on me and those around me. So, I’m only going to scroll on social media for an hour a day maximum.

    3. Time!! I am going to give up 20 minutes in morning and 20 minutes at night (minimum) to spend with God. This is something I have started doing but I need to be more consistent. This allows me to build a stronger relationship, bask in his presence and just listen to Him.

The three  things I’ve given up may be small but to me they will make a BIG difference in my life and the direction I want to go in. Here’s to a great lent and achieving the goals I set out to.

Have you given up anything for lent or are you doing something else? Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time.


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