Who Do You Spend Most Of Your Time With?

Jim Rohn Quote

For the past couple of years I have been told numerous times about the above quote and how important your friends will be in the success or failure of your life. It has always resonated with me and I have always kept it in the back of my mind but I have never really acted on it, until now…


As one of my goals for New Year I decided that this is something that I was going to implement. I thought long and hard about it and decided that the best thing for me to do was to pick one person from each of the five categories that play a big part in my life and make up who I am. Those categories are:

  1. My Faith and Religion
  2. Fitness and Physique Competing
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Forever Living Products
  5. University


I wanted to let these people know that I valued, appreciated and respected their friendship but also their journey, trials and tribulations, knowledge and expertise but also their willingness to grow, become all they can and passion for success . This was very specific to each individual as we all have our own experiences and I needed to capture this. Lastly, I needed to explain that I wanted us to encourage, support and hold each other accountable through phone calls, texts, meetings and every other form of contact.


I am in the process of waiting for responses but I am very optimistic as I know that I can also help these people while allowing us to push ourselves, accept where we are and know where we want to be. As mentioned, this is only one of my goals for 2016 and over the course of the month I will share a few more with you.

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2016 is going to be my best year to date and I am making sure I start it right.

What are the goals you have set for 2016 and do you think you’ll adopt what I have done? One last thing: Happy New Year everyone!

Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.


Decide to Decide

So… What exactly does this saying actually mean?

I have heard people say how they decided to decide, they decided to commit, they decided to succeed, they decided to change their mindset or they decided to achieve. I never really knew what this meant before until now.

Recently I have been having a range of epiphanies and light bulb moments; but they have all been in the same direction, reminding me of the same thing and bringing up the same feelings. As some of you know, I am an achiever, a doer and a believer. I believe that when you put your mind to something you can achieve it, if it’s half-heartedly then you won’t. However, that is what I’ve been doing and I am ashamed of myself and disappointed in myself for allowing it to happen. I think the first step for me was realising that I wasn’t doing something to my full potential and not giving it my all, which is very unlike me. As soon as I realised this, I started having the epiphanies.


This leads me onto the epiphany moments, which consisted of a range of quotes and images including:

Always remember that YOU have the control to make the right choices to move your life forwards – Do you not leave that choice in the hands of anyone else. Decide you are worth it and have a clear vision where you would like the year ahead to take you and dream big.

In life you must make a choice to take a chance, or your life will not change.

Jayne Leach and John Curtis

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Why take a decade to make a six month journey? A year to do something that takes a month?

Rimi Omolekulo

securedownload (2)


This year will be just like last years unless YOU change.
The good news… You can change any time you choose.

Eric Worre

When you know you are destined for Greatness



All of these and more, have lead me to realise that my life and my journey will only change if I decide to do it. And that’s when…


I decided to give me all into something that I knew I could achieve.

I decided to not listen to the negative people or the negative voices.

I decided that I was ready to make a change and it was my time.

I decided to allow myself to be happy, to be free and to be great.

I decided to make Forever work for me.

But not only that, I decided that I will ALWAYS give my all in everything I do, I will never settle for second best and I will enjoy every step of the way. Have you decided to decide?

Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.

What should a student blog about?

Industry professionals post hints and tips.

Businesses  post updates and products.

Freelancers post their portfolios.

Students post ?

Being a first year undergraduate student what I blog about is highly important, I don’t want it to be the same as other students and I don’t want it to be boring. On the other hand I want it to be industry focused to show my skills and abilities but I want to show that I do and take part in other activities. Therefore, the real question is: Where do I draw the line?

When writing this post I decided to have a look at what the word blog actual means, the following statement has been adapted from Dictionary.com: The word ‘blog’ refers to a website where a group of writers or an individual writer share their own experiences, observations and opinions. A blog often contains images and links to other websites which can be a way to keep the readers interested.

The above statement allowed me to draw on what students should blog about 1) Their experiences, 2) Their observations and 3) Their opinions. Blogs don’t necessary have to include all of these aspects for each post, but it my opinion, including one is a start to a successful post. Using the statement as a guideline students that want to have their own blog can and should blog about anything and everything that interests them. In my opinion blogging can allow students to be versatile, think out of the box, talk about their interests and be themselves. Unlike most subjects blogging doesn’t have a right or a wrong answer, as long as the posts appeal to your target audience and you are getting the views and the interaction from them, then you are on the right track.

For me blogging is about my passions in life and what I do for a living, and enjoying doing. It is about advertising and looking at what makes a unique and different advert in my eyes. It’s about marketing and all the different marketing tools and marketing theories and seeing if they are relevant today and how to market a business. It’s about university and the progress I am making my studies but also with MAPR and Enactus. It’s about how MAPR is improving, what we have planned and what I am putting into it. It’s about Enactus Lincoln’s progress to Rookie League Champions and beyond, but also how I market and expand its awareness.

To me blogging is my life, my experiences, my opinions, my views, my observations, my likes and my dislikes.

What is blogging to you?

Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu


What can you take from networking clubs?

I have recently joined a networking event at Lincoln called ‘The Marketing Club‘ which allows me to connect with fellow marketers and business experts in Lincoln, obviously there are a few differences between them and I such as…

  • They have their own businesses – I’m only a first year student
  • They have been around marketing for a long time – I’m only new to the industry
  • They use what they learn and put into practice – I’m just widening my knowledge of the industry I am extremely passionate about.

However I would say that what I am doing is a fantastic experience and an amazing eye opener into the industry that I dearly wish to enter and spend the rest of my life in. I go into the building feeling pumped and energised and ready to learn something new, and it never falls to do just that. I take so much from The Marketing Club which I then use to build business relationships, help my university examinations and help the societies that I am part of,if I don’t do that I feel like I’m wasting valuable time.

In particular from yesterday’s meeting I learnt that my LinkedIn profile needs to be improved GREATLY, and that’s not just through putting more skills and more experience on my profile but genuinely connecting with other people, joining groups and discussions and being proactive and getting myself stuck in. Just having a profile isn’t useful enough if you don’t make the most of it and do not update it or interact with others on it.

Some people say it’s not what you know but who you know and I think that is true, knowing the right people and meeting new people is a great way to talk to others and get to know them, and potentially boost your career. It also allows me to get to know the industry more.

I am a very lucky person in the sense that I know the industry I would like to go in to, yes it is a very tough industry as it is constantly evolving and changing but I still know it’s what I want to do. Through networking events it allows me to enhance myself in the skills and qualities that are needed but also to find my niche, find what I am good at and what I like, and then pursue it even further  I am a got get-er in the sense of most things I do, I do for the future me, I know where I want to be and I’m enjoying the journey of getting there.

If you have any questions then leave a comment and I’ll reply to you all.

Until next time,

Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu.